2021 Productivity Tips from a Trusted Philadelphia IT Services Company

2021 Productivity Tips from a Trusted Philadelphia IT Services Company

Will you be working from home in 2021? Sometimes our greatest challenges are managing productivity while working remotely. NetworX IT, your trusted Philadelphia IT Support company, has made a list of our most popular tips for boosting productivity in the new year!

Figure out your starting point

Use a tool like the Google Chrome Extension RescueTime to see what your most frequently visited sites are, how much times you spend on them, or away from your computer. You may find that you spend more time on certain websites than you realize.

By getting an idea of where you start you can find where you can boost your productivity in 2021.


  • Block your time-wasters!

If you find yourself hanging out in Gmail or on Facebook – block them! Hit your 2021 productivity goals by blocking those websites that you, or your employees, waste the most time on. Apps like StayFocused and Strict Workflow can help you set a time limit for these sites. They can also set a limit as to how many users can visit non-work-related sites.

  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an easy way to be more effective while working. After the year we had in 2020, give yourself a break in 2021 by using shortcuts. Here are the most helpful keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + C = copy

Ctrl + V = paste

Ctrl + X = cut

Ctrl + Z = undo changes

Ctrl + T = opens a new tab on your browser

Alt + Tab = to switch between open windows

Alt + F4 = to close the program

For more shortcuts check out this blog.

  • Clean up your computer!

It’s easy to just download things and dump them on your desktop, or leave a bunch of emails, or to-do items undeleted. Give your 2021 productivity a bump but cleaning out unnecessary items, old emails, or outdated tasks.

Outlook and Gmail both have features that can help you weed out unimportant emails. In Gmail enable priority inbox. In Outlook turn on the Clutter feature for a spam-free inbox.

No better way to start 2021 than with a clean inbox!

Cleaning your computer can be intimidating. A cluttered desktop can impact your productivity and cause frustration and anxiety.

Here are 5 easy steps to navigate your 2021 cleanup:


  1. Understand what you have

Don’t start deleting files just yet! First, take a step back and look at everything you have. Do you have a lot of spreadsheets? App icons and shortcuts? What types of documents do you have?

An easy way to see what your desktop is made up of is to right-click an empty area of your desktop and sort your icons by name, type, or size. This will organize them into a grid and make them easy to see. You may also want to sort them by  “date modified” to see easily see if you’re keeping items on your desktop that you haven’t used in a while.

A clean desktop will make it easier to be more productive in 2021!

  1. Put away the non-essential items

Create folders for apps and files that are just not that important. For example, if your company uses Microsoft Teams but not Zoom, move that Zoom icon into a folder. Anything that you don’t want to delete but don’t use should be tucked away so you can see the items of real importance. You can have a folder like this for both apps and files.

As a good rule, if you haven’t used a file or app in two months consider getting rid of it! Uninstall programs you don’t need.

  1. Create a system

Now that you’ve cleaned up your desktop, consider creating a system so that you can maintain it. You’ll be more productive if you know where something will go when you download it. Keep it simple!

  1. “Pin” useful apps

A great way to boost productivity in 2021 is to pin important apps or files to your taskbar or start menu. When the app, or file, is open simply right-click on the app at the bottom of your screen on your taskbar and choose “pin to start” or “pin to taskbar”.

  1. Optimize your wallpaper

An easy way to feel more motivated and productive in 2021 is to find an image that means something to you. It could be a famous quote or someone you look up to. It could even be a silly picture of your dog or child.

You can also use your background image to gauge if you have too many icons on your desktop. If you can’t see your image consider scaling back!

2021 is the year to take your work-from-home skills to the next level! By increasing your productivity during your working hours it’ll be easy to create a better work-life balance. From better organize your desktop and inbox to limiting your time on certain websites you can easily find ways to be more effective. To find out how networX IT can help increase your productivity in 2021, Contact Us today!

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