Simplifying cloud migration and modernization journey with Microsoft Azure

The path to cloud migration may seem challenging. As you explore various routes, you may wonder where there’s a path that allows you to accelerate cloud migration at your own pace. Allow us to introduce @Azure VMware Solution (AVS). Download this eBook to learn more about AVS, and DM us for more information on creating your path forward. #Azure #cloudmigration

Top 5 reasons to migrate to Azure VMware Solution

Why should you use Azure VMware Solution (AVS) to migrate your VMworkloads from your datacenter to @Azure? We’ve got 5 great reasons. Get this infographic to see what they are, and DM us to learn more. #Azure

Microsoft Teams: Building a Foundation for the Future

Improved reliability, better performance, increased security — the new @Microsoft Teams has a lot going for it. Check out this blog to see how Teams is transforming collaboration and boosting productivity. DM us for details on how you can improve your company’s hybrid work future with Teams.

Copilot for Sales Release Wave Video

Let Copilot for Sales help you quickly identify leads, summarize meetings, craft emails, and close deals easier and faster. Watch this @Microsoft demonstration video. 📺

Three Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

How important is customer experience (CX)? 73% of customers rank it as a vital factor in purchase decisions, behind only price and product quality. Don’t miss out on opportunities— download this eBook and learn how to jumpstart a new CX approach with @Microsoft Azure digital tools and services.

The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams

If a 291% return on investment sounds good to you, we recommend you consider investing in @Microsoft Teams. Download your complimentary copy of this Forrester economic impact report to dive into key findings on quantifiable benefits.

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