Cyber Security – Philadelphia Managed IT Support Services

Cyber Security - Philadelphia Managed IT Support Services

IT support services are crucial in today’s world. Cyberattacks are a real and ever-present threat. Our Philadelphia IT support services can help prepare you for it breaches and protect your business. Having an external Philadelphia IT support service can help your business recover from a security breach and provide the best technology to protect it in the future.

Expand your protection options

Managed IT Services, such as IT support, are a great option for small businesses in Philadelphia. Companies such as NetworX IT can provide IT support resources to small business that may be out of reach otherwise.

Managed IT Services can include cybersecurity, data management, and advanced security software and applications that can protect your Philadelphia business. NetworX IT stays ahead of the latest industry trends so that you can rest easy with the knowledge that your Philadelphia small business will be protected.

Get disaster relief

External IT support providers can not only help protect your business but also offer recovery plans after a cybersecurity breach. With Data Backup and Disaster Recovery plans, Philadelphia IT support services can get your team up and running.

Managed IT Services can help provide data protection. They are able to continually monitor your systems for security breaches while fortifying your system from cyber-attacks. Philadelphia small businesses can benefit from the disaster planning provided by smart data protection plans.

Give yourself a break

Running a small business in Philadelphia is a lot of work.

You’re an expert in your business. With so much to run, giving the time and attention needed for cybersecurity is important. Managed IT Support Services are a great way to move something off your to do list and into the hands of an expert.

Philadelphia Managed IT Support companies can offer online protection with external 24/7 support. That means they’ll be monitoring your security even when you can’t. An external IT support provider is a great way to breathe a little easier.

When considering a Managed IT Support Service for your Philadelphia small business it’s important to be cautious. Conduct your research, read reviews, and ensure that their goals align with yours.

Cybersecurity starts with you

Having an external IT support provider is a great way to provide complete, and efficient, cyber protection. While looking for the right Philadelphia Managed IT Support provider take the time to make sure you’re doing what you can to protect your small business now!

10 ways to protect your Philadelphia small business:

  • Increase awareness for employees. Train all staff members on best security practices such as password management, cell phone usage, and spam.
  • Update anti-malware software. Installing the latest updates ensures that you are protected from new threats.
  • Apply web filtering. By blacklisting dangerous or inappropriate sites you’ll limit opportunities for cyber-attacks.
  • Policy of least privilege. Limit access to users data to only those who need it.
  • Data segmentation. Organize data by sensitivity and build structure to protect your most sensitive data.
  • Full-disk encryption. By having data stored in computers and portable devices unreadable you allow them to remain safe should the device be lost or damaged.
  • Update passwords. Use strong passwords, multifactor authentication, auto screen logs or logouts. Ensure passwords are updated regularly.
  • Use AI-powered network monitoring. Pinpoint suspicious users and behaviors with the power of AI.
  • Secure data for transfers. Use Virtual private networks to protect data across unsecured connections.
  • Upgrade your software. Ensure that all of the systems you use are up-to-date to get access to new patches.

Incorporating these 10 cybersecurity tips into your IT support strategy will help provide protection while you look for a Philadelphia Managed IT Support provider. Contact us today to learn more!

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