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When you think of the term, cyberattack, national and global news headlines profiling large corporations falling victim to threats may flood to mind. However, malware, viruses, phishing, ransomware, and business and personal data leaks are real threats for organizations of every size in any industry. Our robust cybersecurity services are designed to keep your company’s assets, customers, and team members safe from online perpetrators, whether you have 15 or 1,500 employees.

A complete network security solution

Combining unsurpassed expertise and a robust offering of advanced solutions, we craft offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategies that protect against cyberthreats.

Browse our capabilities below for a glimpse into our comprehensive solutions designed for a modern, mobile workforce.

  • Endpoint security – A foundational essential for all businesses, endpoint security protection helps protect laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other wireless devices from malware, ransomware, and other threats at the office, at home, or on the go.
  • Data security management – Our data loss prevention (DLP) services monitor, detect, and block sensitive transmissions using advanced data classification, labels, and permissions for the ultimate protection and control over your company’s data.
  • Email protection and compliance – We help prevent harmful SPAM, viruses, and phishing attacks from reaching your company’s systems while ensuring compliance with email deliverability and security practices.
  • Web content filtering – Our web content filtering solutions block access to email and web content, including links, attachments, and images that hackers use in phishing expeditions that could pose a threat to your organization.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS) – We monitor and control your company’s network traffic to look for signs of an attack, including security violations and malware. Our prevention solutions deny any potentially harmful traffic that meets our pre-established security criteria.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) – Manage access to your company’s data and confidential information with this MFA technology that requires multiple authentication methods to verify a user’s identity before logging into your systems.
  • Education and awareness training – We help companies with more than 100 employees reduce human error with education and awareness training covering the dos and don’ts for operating devices within your company’s network.


Contact us to set up a no-obligation discovery call for personalized advice on which solutions are best for protecting your company from cybersecurity threats.

Cyber Security Consulting
& Solutions for the real

Our cybersecurity services deliver real-world solutions for real-world threats, giving you peace of mind knowing that your company is safe. They’re designed to mitigate the everyday risks each department in your organization faces, from finance to human resources.

The following are just a few real-life examples to illustrate what our cybersecurity solutions can do for you:

  • Receive notice of malicious behavior, such as a disgruntled employee deleting internal electronic files
  • Block employees from electronically distributing sensitive information, including trade secrets, financials, employee social security numbers, and customer credit card account numbers
  • Restrict incoming emails with suspicious attachments, links, images, or requests
  • Deploy a double-check protocol that asks employees to confirm before electronically distributing sensitive information
  • Thwart sensitive data leaks and costly ransomware attacks that could cost thousands of dollars to repair
  • Authenticate the identity of remote and on-site employees before they can access your company’s network from any device
  • Eliminate malicious emails appearing to be from an internal source containing requests to transfer money, send banking information, or arrange for gift cards


These scenarios are just the beginning – there are endless ways that we can protect you. Whether a cyberthreat originates from an internal or external source, we can help keep your company safe. Get started with a no-obligation discovery call to learn more.

Small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are a growing target

True or false: Your company is too small or insignificant for a cyberattack. The answer is false. Many business owners make the mistake of cybersecurity complacency. After all, a cyber attacker wouldn’t be interested in harming your company data or IT infrastructure – they must have bigger fish to fry. Right? Actually, no.

Recent statistics reveal a stark reality that SMBs are quickly becoming one of the largest targets for online criminal activity, and the attacks are becoming more frequent, targeted, and complex.

66% of SMBs have experienced a data breach or cyberattack in the last 12 months
55% of SMBs report situations where exploits and malware have evaded their current anti-virus solutions
56% of SMBs report increasingly severe cyberattacks
35% of SMBs report increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks
43% of all spear-phishing attacks are targeted at small businesses
60% of impacted businesses go out of business within six months of a cyberattack
$36-50K is the average cost for a small business to overcome a data breach

Whether your company is small, mid-sized, or enterprise-level, implementing robust cybersecurity protocols is the new normal for everyone. Contact us to discover how we can protect what’s important to you.

Top 12 types of cyberattacks on SMBs

Source: Cybersecurity in the Remote Work Era – A Global Risk Report | Ponemon Institute

How our cybersecurity services work

We make cybersecurity accessible to companies of all sizes. Using a simple three-step process, we’ll identify and mitigate your organization’s vulnerabilities.

  1. Discovery – The first step is to contact us for a no-obligation discovery call to learn more about each other. Next, we’ll meet to review your security concerns and walk through your company’s processes to determine your vulnerabilities.
  2. Strategy – We’ll craft an offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategy comprised of specific solutions that address your company’s concerns and vulnerabilities and estimate the costs.
  3. Implementation – Finally, upon receiving your approval of the cybersecurity strategy, we will begin implementing and monitoring your systems so that you can rest easy.


If you’re ready for a safer and more secure business environment, contact us for a no-obligation discovery call.

Why partner with us

  • Experience – With vast experience in SCADA and other advanced network and information security, we go beyond the basics to deliver powerful protection against increasingly sophisticated threats.
  • Knowledge – Thanks to a unique combination of development and networking knowledge, we can see the big picture more clearly and ask the right questions to ensure our solutions are tailored to your company’s specific security needs.
  • Aptitude – Combining decades of expertise with agility and instinct, we have mastered the art of balancing safety and productivity to ensure we’re successfully blocking potential threats without impeding your employees’ performance.
  • Ingenuity – When it comes to delivering service and solutions, it’s the way we think that makes the difference. We provide out-of-the-box ideas that align with your company’s goals, budget, and security needs.
  • Efficiency – With a steady pulse on the latest cybersecurity technologies, we’re quick to identify the best solutions, set up your cybersecurity infrastructure, and respond to potential threats, saving you from investing precious internal resources.
  • Convenience – With a highly-skilled cybersecurity partner like us on your side, you won’t have to interrupt your day to respond to potential threats or tweak your infrastructure as new vulnerabilities emerge. You can leave everything to us.
  • Communication – Listening and providing thoughtful, easy-to-understand advice and responses are critical skills we deploy to ensure we understand precisely how your company operates and you understand precisely how we can help.
  • Accessibility – When you work with us, you’ll have direct access to our local and highly experienced owner and founder instead of calling or emailing a customer service answering service that may be unfamiliar with your account.


Connect with us to experience the difference we can make for your company’s cybersecurity health.

About the founder

Hi, I’m Sagy Langer, owner and founder of networX IT. Instead of cookies, I grew up on computers and milk, spending all my free time learning and understanding the emerging digital world. I was just 7 when I received my first computer, the Commodore 64. As an early technology adopter, I enjoyed a childhood experimenting with class B and C networks, writing programs, and working with languages and databases just for fun. I still recall building a flight simulator program and a music database for my extensive record collection (I think I still have this on a floppy disk somewhere). It wasn’t until after receiving my first paycheck for IT work many years later that I realized I could turn my passion for computers into a career. After 40 years, these devices never cease to amaze me; there’s just so much we can do with them.

For me, computers are not just my work – they’re my life. They’re what I love. Partner with me and let me put my passion to work for you.

Client success story

Industry: Finance
Company size: 50 employees
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Prompted by news reports of cyberattacks, a Philadelphia area finance company approached us about elevating their cybersecurity infrastructure. Their goal was twofold: they wanted to enhance the protection of sensitive information and demonstrate proof of security to satisfy requirements for an impending acquisition.

The first challenge we faced was an extraordinary level of coordination between our finance customer and their acquiring party to determine how their current operations would evolve once the acquisition is complete. Understanding the future day-to-day operations would allow us to adjust the security policies to meet their changing needs.

Another challenge we encountered was to design a cybersecurity strategy that would account for an entirely remote workforce. Every employee needed safe access to the network from various remote locations and devices.

The foundation of our cybersecurity strategy was implementing basic IT services, which included support, installation, monitoring. However, this entry-level security would not be enough to satisfy the acquiring party’s security requirements. So, we went with a very comprehensive package that allowed them to incorporate information security, local and cloud-based threat protection, and other security-enhancing mechanisms.

  • Centralized password management
    • Provides every user with their own vault
    • Prevents password reuse
    • Generates software updates when passwords are changed
  • Personal VPN
    • Prevents traffic and password-stealing on public wi-fi
    • Provides a secure tunnel from laptop and internet
    • Improves security and privacy
  • Information security
    • Secures information based on extensive policies and data classification
    • Contains monitoring and alerting capability
    • Blocks threats without impeding performance
  • Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)
    • Monitors and controls network traffic
    • Looks for security violations and malware
    • Blocks suspicious traffic without impeding performance
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security compliance


Upon completing the cybersecurity infrastructure set up about a year ago, our finance customer successfully met their acquiring party’s security requirements. In fact, they were even more secure than the acquiring party, lending an even greater edge. Today, we continually monitor their infrastructure with our monthly monitoring service, tweaking and responding as needed.

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