Manager Quick Guide: Adjusting to the Hybrid Workplace

Working together when apart. That may be a tough concept for many to grasp, but it’s become a necessity today and @Microsoft has some interesting insights in helping everyone adjust to the hybrid workplace. Download the guide to learn how to create a hybrid workplace where everyone can be at their best. When you’re done reading the guide, contact us to discuss how the team at Networx IT Solutions can get you started on the journey to the ideal hybrid work environment with a Microsoft hybrid work solution expert.

Retail Trends Playbook

Why scramble to adapt to the changing retail landscape when the @Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook can help you strategize a winning retail game plan. Get your playbook here.???? After reviewing it, consider reaching out to a Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert from Networx IT Solutions for recommendations on taking your retail operation to the next level.

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4 ways technology can accelerate your sales cycle

According to McKinsey, digital leaders drive 5x more revenue growth than their peers. What’s more, companies that innovate around sales and customer experience generate the greatest revenue.

What areas of your sales process can you streamline with a modern, digital alternative? How would going paperless and automating admin tasks get you to revenue faster? How could you make the customer experience more convenient? Find out more in this article.

Is your agreement process killing deals?

Did you know that 87% of contracts today are prepared and handled manually? No wonder most sales organizations say contracting takes too long. Don’t let inefficient processes slow your organization down. Instead, modernize with @DocuSign Agreement Cloud — a solution from Networx IT Solutions that makes it easy to create, send and save agreements without ever leaving your CRM.

10 Eye-Opening Data Breach Statistics

Don’t let passwords become your organization’s security Achilles’ heel.

Read the blog to stay abreast of the latest data breach statistics and how you can better protect your network.

Comment to tell us how Networx IT Solutions can help secure your network and we’ll have one of our Microsoft Security experts set up a brief one-on-one.

DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce

Time is of the essence! Don’t let another opportunity fall off your Salesforce dashboard because of long, arduous agreement processes. Eliminate the burden of paperwork with @DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce that lets you prepare, sign, act on, and manage customer agreements—all within your CRM solution.

Contact  Networx IT Solutions to learn how @DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Salesforce can help you do business faster, with less cost and risk.