Small Business IT Support: Keeping Your Business Operations Running

Small Business IT Support

As technology advances, businesses, large and small, are realizing that a fully-functional IT team is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have” for consistent and optimal business operations. The information technology age is presenting numerous opportunities that every company can leverage to grow its business.

Virtual services and cloud computing, for instance, can ensure more flexibility and drive cost savings for employees and customers. However, it comes with specific challenges such as integration issues and cybersecurity threats. To guarantee business success in a fast-paced environment, expert IT consulting and support services are becoming the go-to technology solutions.

Often, businesses will choose between developing an in-house IT team and outsourcing IT functions to a managed IT service company. Both these options are great, but picking the right one for your business depends on several factors such as the company’s size, the IT services you need, and the industry or market you serve.

Why Outsource Your Small Business IT Support?

Besides data safety and security, there are several other reasons why small businesses should outsource their IT support services. Here are some of them:

Fewer Expenses

Small business IT support comprises services such as software setup, integration, troubleshooting, repairs, etc. For small businesses, managed IT services are more cost-effective since they can pay only for those services they need.

Developing an in-house IT for small businesses is a worthwhile option; however, the cost of hiring, training, and retaining top IT talent can be uneconomical. Additionally, companies offering small business IT support have a flexible service package, meaning they will be adding more services as your business grows.

For example, you can start with antivirus protection before proceeding to email monitoring, email archiving, mobile device and desktop monitoring, online data back-up services, cloud migration, etc.

Extra Time to Focus on Growing the Business

It’s no secret that you need a competent team to oversee all the business IT operations to keep your business running smoothly. By outsourcing your small business IT support services, you will have some spare time to focus on improving your products and services. If you already have an in-house IT team, you’ll have them focus on the critical in-house functions such as optimizing the company’s online marketing and sales processes. Additionally, you can invest in new equipment, boost your marketing budget and help the business grow.

Higher Customer/Client Satisfaction

Managing all your information technology solutions in-house isn’t only challenging but also stressful for your employees. The cases of downtimes and customer complaints are likely to shoot, which means you’ll be hurting the client or customer experience. Your IT team is also more likely to experience burnout, meaning your employee will disengage. Outsourcing the more-demanding and repetitive IT functions allows your in-house IT team to run their projects smoothly, offer quality customer services, and meet the clients’ needs.

Small business IT Support Challenges.

Some of the IT support challenges that small businesses face include:

  • Slow network performance
  • Long wait times before computer issues are resolved.
  • Unpredictable and outrageous IT service charges
  • Frequent network and computer outages
  • Constant cybersecurity concerns, e.g., malware attacks.
  • Lack of clear guidance and support navigating the new technologies in the market

In one way or another, the above challenges kill employee productivity, affect your budgeting, slows company operations, and cause customer dissatisfaction, all of which hinder your business performance.

Small business IT Support Services

Small business IT support comes in different packages depending on the unique business needs. Below are the common IT support services.

  • Routine onsite support – This is a group of small business IT support services offered within the business premises. Unlike off-support, routine online support requires expert technical assistance and often involves critical IT maintenance and servicing procedures.
  • Remote network and server management – this is one of the small business IT support services that involves proactive monitoring of the network and servers to catch failure issues before they occur.
  • Emergency onsite IT support – In case of an emergency network or server outage, a rapid response team offers instant technical support, fixing critical IT issues and restoring normalcy in the shortest time possible.
  • Remote Desktop Support services – this involves software setup and integration to ensure effective collaboration and remote working among end-users, e.g., screen sharing capabilities.
  • Strategic consulting – IT consulting is one of the in-demand small business IT support services, which gives companies a clear IT strategy roadmap to developing and implementing IT infrastructure. This may also include cloud migration strategy or the entire digital transformation planning and execution.


IT services for small businesses range from simple repairs and troubleshooting to complex software setup and cloud integration. When looking for small business IT support services, a rule of thumb is to partner with a company that offers scalable solutions. This means that the company can meet your business’s IT needs now and in the future and guide you as the business grows.

Your choice of small business IT support service package also depends on the unique business needs. The flexibility to choose and pay for the services you only need makes IT outsourcing an economical and favorable option for small business owners. In fact, several businesses have outsourced IT support to focus on serving their customers and growing their business.

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