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A comprehensive selection of IT solutions tailored for small businesses

networX's Managed IT Services (msp) plan gives you access to all of our IT services and solutions for one monthly flat rate. We will take care of upgrading, improving, and supporting your business IT infrastructure, so you can focus on your company's continued growth.

The cutting-edge solutions from networX managed IT will increase your organization's productivity, efficiency, and profitability, so you can rest easy knowing that responsive IT support is available 24/7 in Philadelphia and beyond.

A bundle of all our best services and solutions for a predictable, affordable monthly fee. Outsource your IT to us and put your focus back on what's important: your business.

networX's Managed IT Services in Philadelphia Includes:
  • 24/7 server and network monitoring
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux support
  • Servers and network support
  • Office 365 / G Suite management
  • Help desk ticketing system
  • Managed antivirus and antimalware
  • Spam protection
  • Managed Firewall service
  • Managed backup, and disaster recovery services
  • Patch and updates management
  • IT strategy consulting, and virtual CIO (vCIO) service
  • Vendor management
  • Licensing and hardware procurement
networX's Managed Services Company Philadelphia

networX has built an msp package that fits perfectly with small businesses and wants to be your technology ally. Contact us today to discover what makes networX IT one of the best managed IT service providers in Philly and beyond.

In networX IT You've Found a Managed Service Provider Near Me

networX services SMB's in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Plymouth Meeting, and beyond.

Say hello to a relationship-focused approach to managed IT services, where value and trust are earned through effective communication and unwavering commitment. With a culture free of confusing industry jargon and sporadic responses and band-aid solutions, we have redefined managed IT services through cutting-edge solutions that enhance your company's productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The future of IT support is here, and we invite you to learn more about our smart people-centric model tailored for the unique and continually evolving needs of today's business climate.

How we provide value

How Network Solutions can help

networX's extensive IT knowledge and experience

With over 20 years of industry experience, we are a managed service provider (MSP) providing end-to-end managed IT services to small and mid-sized companies with more than 15 employees. Our seasoned background in enterprise-level IT sets the foundation for skillfully translating our extensive knowledge into tailored solutions for smaller budgets.

  • Over 20 years of IT experience
  • Enterprise-level solutions scaled for smaller budgets
  • Extensive knowledge of technologies

However, our value isn't merely in what we know – it's how we operate.

A relationship-centered approach

IT helping and teaching customer

The real value in our managed IT services centers on relationships. As your technology ally, we work to understand your processes and how your users work so that we can guide you toward lasting and growth-oriented solutions. The secret is our ability to see the big technology picture and deliver proactive communications in easily digestible bites.

  • A technology ally by your side, guiding the way
  • Lasting and growth-oriented solutions tailored for you
  • Proactive and easy-to-understand communication

If you're looking for managed IT services that equally value expertise and relationships, let's get started.

How our managed IT services can help

Our managed IT services are designed specifically to overcome many of the common technology infrastructure hurdles that small and mid-sized companies in the Philadelphia area face, including:
  • Ongoing support
  • Connectivity issues
  • Email issues
  • File backups
  • Software upgrade
  • Remote work
  • Security vulnerabilities

What are your IT concerns? Contact us to learn more about how our managed IT services can help.

Our managed IT service bundles

With one affordable and predictable monthly fee, our managed IT services provide ongoing access to the following:

24 hour monitoring It

  • 24/7 server and network monitoring
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux support
  • Servers and network support
  • Office 365 / G Suite management
  • Managed antivirus and antimalware
  • Spam protection
  • Managed firewall service
  • Managed backup and disaster recovery services
  • Patch and updates management
  • IT strategy consulting and virtual CIO (vCIO) service
  • Vendor management
  • Licensing and hardware procurement

Beyond the managed IT services listed here, we also offer cybersecurity and other bundle add-ons, allowing us to tailor the approach to best suit your company's unique needs. Reach out to learn about pricing and discover the best managed IT service bundle for you.

How our managed IT services work

Initial Call It Services

We make it easy to access exceptional expertise and relationship-focused managed IT services by bundling the best solutions for your needs into one predictable monthly fee. With everything included, you never have to worry about draining your company's budget to cover a surprise IT bill. Here, it doesn't matter how much you call us or the variety of services you need at any given time – your monthly fee will remain steady. This straightforward approach to outsourcing IT removes uncertainty and replaces it with peace of mind.

Here's how our managed IT services work:
  • Initial call

    Our managed IT services begin with an initial phone call, where we'll work to understand your company's pain points and determine how we can help.

  • Exploratory meeting

    Next, we'll schedule an exploratory meeting to get to know you and your IT needs better. We can schedule this meeting remotely or in person, depending on your business operations and personal preferences.

  • Managed Services Agreement (MSA) and Proposal

    Using the information we learn in our exploratory meeting, we'll prepare a managed services agreement (MSA) and a proposal outlining your managed IT service bundle and monthly fees.

  • Agreement execution

    With your MSA finalized, we'll begin onboarding your company to our services and start providing ongoing IT support, management, and security according to the terms of the contract.

Are you ready to trade uncertainty for clarity, knowing that you'll never receive surprise billing for IT services again? Contact us to get started with our managed IT services, your one-stop-shop for everything IT.

10 Benefits of our managed IT services

There are plenty of ways to benefit from our relationship-centered managed IT services that offer enterprise-level skill for one predictable monthly fee.
  1. Dependable partnership – Without a professional partnership that you can count on, managed IT services fall short. We've structured our company to put relationships before profits, giving you peace of mind that we're here to listen and respond to your needs.
  2. Consistent billing structure – Say goodbye to surprise billing. With us, you'll receive one invoice for the same amount every month, no matter how many times you need us to help.
  3. Quick response time – Our managed IT services ensure you receive priority service with fast response times, so you never have to wait for high-quality support.
  4. Growth-oriented solutions – Rather than ineffective band-aid fixes, we deploy long-term solutions geared to promote your company's future growth.
  5. Optimal uptime – Our managed IT services grant us access to your systems 24/7 so that we can monitor their progress to help keep them running strong.
  6. Relatable communication – While complicated technology jargon has its place in industry IT circles, it doesn't belong in our conversations. We use easily recognizable language to explain your IT infrastructure and our recommendations.
  7. Short lead times – Some larger IT companies take weeks or months to implement a requested change. Not us. We're nimble enough to pivot within hours or days, depending on your needs.
  8. Direct access to an industry expert – Here, you won't talk to a call center or inexperienced technician. Instead, you'll have direct access to the owner of our company, a 25-year IT industry veteran.
  9. Customized solutions – Not every company has the same IT needs. Whether you need advanced security or help with implementing business processes, we tailor our managed IT service bundles to include what matters most to you.
  10. Cutting-edge technology expertise – No matter which technologies your company uses, the chances are good that we know it. Our background in enterprise-level IT and partnerships with world-class vendors help us leverage the latest technologies to help your company thrive.

Markets we serve

We're proud to serve small and mid-sized companies with over 15 people throughout the greater Philadelphia area in industries, including:
  • Finance
  • Architecture & design
  • Manufacturing
  • Law
  • Technology startups
  • Other small-mid-sized businesses

Regardless of your industry, we provide enterprise-level support tailored to your company's unique needs. Contact us to learn more about how our managed IT services can help.

Choose a better approach to managed IT services

As a trusted relationship-focused managed IT services provider serving the greater Philadelphia area, we give you access to enterprise-level solutions scaled for your small to mid-sized business. For one flat monthly rate, we'll take care of upgrading, improving, and supporting your business IT infrastructure, so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us today to see if we're a fit for your company.