3 Key Resources to Accelerate Your Passwordless Journey

When it comes to password use, the risks outweigh the benefits. It’s time your organization started looking at password alternatives that are both highly secure and convenient. Read the @Microsoft blog and contact Networx IT Solutions for a free consultation from one of our security experts.
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What does a productive #hybridwork environment look like to you? Comment to let us know your thoughts and contact a Networx IT Solutions @Microsoft #hybridwork solutions expert to help you create it. #WorkTrends #FutureOfWork

What does a productive #hybridwork environment look like to you? When you have every party contributing to the shared purpose of an organization, you’ve laid a solid foundation.

Comment below to let us know how Networx IT Solutions can help you create the ideal hybrid workplace with the guidance of a @Microsoft hybrid work solutions expert.

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Eight digital best practices for sales

Transactional experiences in our day-to-day lives — online shopping, communication, and support — have set a new, higher bar for professional services. Your customers and employees are looking for faster, simpler ways to complete tasks. Learn how to take advantage of the latest digital trends with @DocuSign eSignature and start differentiating your business.

Toyota Manufacturing Uses Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality to Boost Efficiency and Scalability

Excellence is a constant journey of incremental changes, not a set destination. How’s your journey going? Share your progress. Then watch the video to see how Toyota Manufacturing follows this philosophy with the help of @Microsoft to continuously improve vehicle repair and service efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on Microsoft HoloLens 2.

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Amedsys Prescribes Microsoft Security and a Password-Free Solution to Support Clinical Teams

Amedisys Home Health streamlines security with a password-free solution. How would security improve at your organization if you could free workers from passwords? Read the customer story to learn how @Microsoft Security saves this healthcare and hospice health provider time and money while strengthening security. When you’re done reading, contact a @Microsoft Security expert from Networx IT Solutions for a free consultation.



Watch this video case study to discover how @DocuSign Agreement Cloud transformed contract management @Unilever from manual and cumbersome to standardized and efficient management.
DocuSign solutions cut in half the average time it took to complete a contract at Unilever and is now implemented in 70 of the company’s countries. Contact Networx IT Solutions to learn more about @DocuSign solutions for your global business needs.

DocuSign eSignature

Say goodbye to hours spent manually processing contracts and say hello to @DocuSign eSignature where every agreement is managed digitally. Improve customer experience, increase efficiency and save money with a trusted solution used by over 500,000 businesses around the world.

Contact Networx IT Solutions to learn how you can gain access to the ultimate streamlined contract process with @DocuSign eSignature.

Top Opportunities for Automotive and Mobility in 2022

The automotive industry is expected to become a $6.6T industry with disruptive technology and business models accounting for 50 percent of revenue, reports McKinsey & Company. What drives revenue at your company? An integral part of the automotive, mobility, and transportation sector, @Microsoft is helping make the industry safer, more sustainable and more productive. Read ???? to discover how Microsoft solutions help transportation companies embrace transformation.

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Accelerating Healthcare Research with Leidos and Azure Confidential Computing

Sharing and aggregating real-world patient data is key to delivering better healthcare outcomes. How can Networx IT Solutions help? Comment with your ideas. Then watch this video showing how Leidos uses @Microsoft Azure to improve outcomes while ensuring patient privacy and the security of medical records.


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